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Fleet Management

Through more than 10 years of industry innovation and leadership, Phoenix Secure has reshaped the way companies manage their car and truck fleets. Our portfolio of automotive fleet management services, programs and resources is among the most comprehensive and robust in the marketplace, covering every phase of vehicle fleet management. From our expansive portfolio, we configure strategic fleet and company solutions in partnership with each individual client.

Applying our expertise to the toughest fleet challenges of today, we craft solutions that deliver best practices performance over the full fleet lifecycle, creating long-term customer value and creating long-term customers for Phoenix Secure. All our services and solutions�in fact, everything we do� underscores our total commitment to client satisfaction and success through managed fleet efficiency and cost control.

Outsourced Maintenance & Repair
Fleets that don�t enforce PM schedules, repair vehicle damage, halt repair shop overcharges, or cash in on available rebates and discounts, lose out on savings that lower the cost of maintenance dramatically. Phoenix Secure puts clients in control and creates savings averaging 10%-25%.
In-house Garage Maintenance
We provide solutions for in-house garage facilities to ensure cost-quality-consistency ratios that could otherwise turn vehicles into expensive liabilities that put success at risk. Phoenix Secure partners rely on the Phoenix Secure Garage Maintenance System, which makes internal and external resources seem like one.
Fuel Management
The major objective of the Phoenix Secure fuel vehicle fleet management program is to implement and enforce a cost-reducing policy, card restrictions and velocity controls. Additionally, Phoenix Secure provides clients with summary and exception reporting to help gain control over expenses.
Compliance has moved to the top of management's priority list; a dramatic shift forced by heightened safety consciousness, the environment, corporate ethics and privacy.
It seems like only yesterday that �going green� was a social decision tied to good public relations. Now fleets don�t have a choice. Reducing emissions is mandatory and expensive. Non-compliance can result in fines and downtime.
Mobile Communication
Phoenix Secure embraces technology as a way to provide even greater flexibility to vehicle fleet management services. Our mobile versions of Phoenix Secure insights and other driver tools allow fleet administrators and drivers to view important information, access fleet services, or communicate with an Phoenix Secure representative anywhere, any time.