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Positively impact operational cost structure
Cost factors associated with your vehicle�s operations like fuel, labor, fleet monitoring and route diversion, and costs occurred due to delay in customer�s delivery and other field activities decrease by easy monitoring of fleet operation
Increase monitoring of your assets

Phoenix GPS enhances the efficiency of its client�s nationwide fleet operation as it offers faster, more detailed control and visibility of the fleet.

Expand your business operation
Increase in the fleet size increases the concern about managing the whole fleet as well. Phoenix GPS helps to better manage and control your fleet operation and helps in your business expansion by easing out worries of managing a large scale fleet from your mind.
Increase safety
As our system provides 24 * 7 live vehicle tracking With the help of our vehicle tracking system, your vehicle can be quickly located if it is stolen.
Efficiently manage your fleet
The wide variety of tracking and reporting tools helps you to take decisions that upgrade the efficiency of your fleet. Under-utilized resources can be better managed and held responsible for irregular and unexpected working, thus affecting their operation positively.
Better route management
Phoenix GPS tracking always helps you to take action in case of any route deviation. You can plan short routes that help in cutting cost on fuel and fleet maintenance.
Increase productivity
When your employees know they are being monitored, they naturally become more productive and responsible. There is less driver downtime, decreased use of your vehicles for personal use, unauthorized stops, and side jobs. Managers can determine if drivers arrive on time, how fast they are going, how they are driving, actual hours worked, and after hours use.
Reduced time spent at unauthorized locations
Location information about the fleet helps you to identify if the vehicle is operated at unauthorized locations. Quick action taken on this basis assures the vehicle drives from the origin and to its destination.
Tools for MIS and Alerts
Our clients are always benefited by our broad spectrum of MIS reports for managerial decision-making and alert generation of a wide array of vehicle events.
Quick Emergency Support Possible
when ever there is a requirement of location identification in case of an emergency, we are just a call away.
Long term Benefit
Long term benefits of managing your fleet surpasses the cost of vehicle tracking service many times, going forward.