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GPS Tracker India

Real-time GPS Tracking

With Phoenix GPS Tracker India you can track your vehicle anywhere in India. The GPS Tracker reports on the platform after every 30 seconds making it the best Real-Time GPS Tracking software.


Instant SMS or Voice Call Alerts

Our GPS Tracking system reports instantly in case of any event happening in your vehicle. In case it happens our software makes sure that you get all the alerts instantly on your mobile phone via SMS or Voice call on any Mobile phone in India.


Route Replay

You can view Full animation of the route where your car travelled during a time interval. Our system plots evey location on Map & lets you know the status of vehicle tracker at any time during the journey.


Geofence Facility

In our GPS Tracker you can set Geofence Alerts which notify you when a vehicle enters or leaves an area. These alerts can be issued via Voice Call or SMS. Now you can keep a track of your vehicle & avoid it going out of your pre-defined area.


Multipurpose Reports

We have the best reporting system in all over India. Our wide range of reports let you calculate , analyse & profitize your business with the help of Various reports & tools available in our software.