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Phoenix Secure Provides GPS Fleet Management That Reduces Fleet Costs And Raises Fleet Efficiency

Phoenix Secure is an Indian GPS Tracking Manufacturer. We are Glad to be a part on Make In India Initiative taken by our Honourable Prime minister Sh. Narendra Modi. As an industry leader in GPS based Fleet Management,Phoenix Secure is committed to assisting companies reduce operating costs and manage mobile assets more efficiently.
Phoenix Secure began product development in 2005 giving us over a decade of experience in the design, manufacturing, and sales of GPS tracking products. We manufacture a variety of systems to meet each customer�s specific needs.
Whether in government or the public sector, the bottom line for mobile fleet management is performance and cost; achieving maximum results under budgetary constraints. Utilizing satellite technology developed by the Department of Defense, Phoenix Secure, has done just that for private businesses and government agencies alike, maximizing fleet performance and efficiency while minimizing costs. Phoenix Secure offers a suite of Global Positioning System devices and software for fleet monitoring under the product line GPS Vehicle Tracker.

Our GPS Tracking product line helps companies with mobile fleets reduce operating costs and manage mobile assets more efficiently. By utilizing our GPS fleet tracking systems, any company can:

  • Reduce rising fleet expenses
  • Improve vehicle utilization
  • Reduce vehicle operating costs
  • Eliminate or reduce overtime
  • Manage your field personnel actively
  • Replace paper time sheets in the field with electronic timekeeping
  • Reduce downtime of field employees
  • Reduce time spent at unauthorized locations
  • Document actual routes driven and stops made
  • Show you how simple saving money can be
  • Eliminate employee fraudd